Head Lice Treatment

Magic Lice Removal offers manual head lice removal using quality products to safely get rid of lice in Miami and throughout South Florida. Lice treatment and removal may be covered by insurance and/or flexible spending account. Call your local insurance provider to find out more information about your coverage.

Call (305) 814-7032 for reliable & proven lice treatment in South Florida!

Manual Comb-Out
We offer our safe and effective manual comb-out. One of our well trained clinicians will apply an all natural shampoo and comb the hair strand by strand using a professional lice comb. Some parental follow-up is recommended to ensure complete removal.

Head Lice Checks
If you are not certain you have lice, we can come out to your home to perform a thorough head lice check on your entire family.

Following our lice treatment, we explain how to get rid of lice from your belongings and home environment to prevent reinfestation. Our service is guaranteed.

Upon our departure, your entire family will be lice and nit-free and you will know everything there is to know about head lice! We will put your mind to ease because at Magic Lice Removal, “we make head lice disappear!”

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