Lice News

Safe, Quick & Effective In-Home Lice Treatment

As the region's only in-home, head lice removal company to offer the cutting-edge Lousebuster™ Treatment, we are South Florida's ONLY resource to rid your family of head lice in a SINGLE TREATMENT.

Head lice are a fact of life for school age children. Lice do not have to stop you in your tracks. We offer convenient, same day service in your home to check, kill and remove all lice and nits from your entire family.

What We Do

  • Same day lice treatment in your home
  • Head lice checks for entire family
  • AirAllé Treatment & Manual Removal Service performed by a AirAllé Certified Operator
  • 100% guaranteed lice and nit removal upon departure
  • No follow up combing, treatments or products needed
  • Kid-Friendly, safe and non-toxic
  • Affordable rates or flat fee packages

Our Services

  • Effective, in-home, lice treatment & removal
  • School, camp and daycare head lice screenings

  • Lice treatment and removal may be covered by insurance and/or flexible spending account. Call your local insurance provider to find out more information about your coverage.

Why Us?

The AirAllé (formally LouseBuster™) Treatment combined with our combing is the most effective single treatment option available. It is a safe, fast & very effective treatment to kill ALL stages of head lice including lice eggs.

We are the ONLY company offering in-home treatments with the AirAllé device in South Florida.

When performing the AirAllé treatment, we offer a guaranteed, one-time treatment.